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Venture Capital maven John Doerr of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers coined the acronym SoLoMo to sum up the convergence of these 3 major forces, and he believes they are impacting all aspects of business faster than most managers realise.

Mary Meeker, now at KPCB was one of the world’s leading investment banking analysts and a 15 year veteran covering the internet and more recently, the mobile internet and related technologies. She re-frames it as Mo-Lo-So.

Mobile allows you to be active at any Location and at the same time to be connected to your entire Social graph, or network and their opinions, advice and buying power. The implications for Marketers are a dramatic paradigm shift which will disrupt almost every business. Period.

What you are doing well can be communicated faster, more credibly and thus with more impact through Social Media than through conventional transmission media. What you do badly, the same.

The implications are serious and the penalties for ignoring them are severe. Ask Nestle. Ask United Airlines.

The benefits are almost incalculable in the short term.

Which side of that divide will you be on?


5 responses to “SoLoMo

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  3. SoLoMo is a catchy acronym that will no doubt catch on and will have VCs flocking after the ‘next big thing’ that happens to be at the confluence of these 3 trends. However, what is missing from the SoLoMo (and is crucial if SoLoMo is to deliver), is predictive analytics. It’s great to have all that data from SoLoMo but without predictive analytics it is of limited use. IBM cottoned on to that fact and went out and bought SPSS.

    The acronym that John Doerr should have coined would probably be:


    (‘Pa’ standing for Predictive analytics’).

    One day mobile operators will realize that they are sitting on a gold mine of customer data. Predictive analytics for telecoms, especially social network analysis for telecoms is where the future is at.

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