Marketing Innovation

“The business has two basic functions. Only marketing and innovation produce results. All the rest are just costs.” – Prof. Philip Kotler

Democatized Marketing combines innovation and marketing and changes the accepted wisdom dramatically.

To succeed you must understand how people think, plan, compare, communicate and function as shoppers. You must also recognize that they do all that in motion in a fraction of the time they did just 2 years ago.

Then you must innovate to disrupt your competition, delight your customers and encourage them to share their experience with the friends and relatives in their social graph.

Social Media and the Democratization of Marketing are dramatically changing how Marketers and their support services need to think, plan and act.

The changes will continue and Marketing Innovation will keep accelerating.

Understand and act on the new realities now, or get left behind.

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  1. Good info. I reached on your website by accident, so thanks.

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