Innovation in marketing is about exploration and calculated risk-taking to challenging the status quo, for profit.

Without innovative thinking all the players in a market will tend to:

– do the same thing

– in the same way and

– market products or services no different from one another.

They’ll also tend to achieve the same result:

– parity in the mind of their prospects;

– no clear difference in value and as a result;

– little or no profit!

Our range of proven skills and experience from a variety of marketing and marketing service backgrounds, entrepreneurship, angel & venture finance and top level corporate leadership roles combine to deliver innovative marketing solutions that deliver profits.

We work easily and quickly with both large corporations & start-ups, helping them develop breakthrough thinking and implement it profitably. We also deliver innovative internal marketing programs to achieve in-house buy-in needed for progress.

To provide the most benefit with the least frustration we employ models and techniques that keep the process focused and productive.

Our bottom line objective is to Make Ideas Make Money.



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