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iOS App Development Falls As Android Explodes. Even Windows Phone 7 Will Get More.

The shift in priority by app developers from iOS to Android is accelerating. There’s even a surge toward developing for Windows Phone 7.

That’s great news for Android phone buyers and for the MicroNok alliance.

The drop in ratio of iOS app development from 30% to only 8%, even if relative to a surge in overall app developer numbers, is dramatic.

The State Of The Apps Industry study lead by Millennial Media with Stifel Nicolaus and DIGIDAY was released in the last quarter of 2010 before the MicroNok alliance was announced and before the Android dominated Mobile World Congress in early February.

As a harbinger of the seismic shifts taking place in the mobile apps industry, the SOTI report can only be understating the points we have headlined.


3 iMedia keynote predictions we’ve already scored on.

In my previous post and elsewhere I credit the brilliant people I’m lucky to know and work with for my successes. That includes my recent iMedia Brand Summit¬† keynote which went down well with our brand marketing compatriots.

The bench-strength of the people in our social graph has been proved three times in the 2 weeks since that keynote presentation. Here they are.

Ricocheting around the web this morning (OK, evening for our friends in the Americas) is confirmation that Google, with Verizon, will launch a tablet computer to rival the iPad. Mashable covers it here

Two other predictions I presented at the iMedia Brand Summit have already become confirmed reality.

Second hit was the announcement that Facebook was going “loca” and that the first marketer to use their location-based promotional capabilities will be McDonalds. Mashable again:

My first prediction to land was when Foursquare and Jimmy Choo kicked off this announcement heralding the arrival of location-based retail promotions among the big names. Once again, read more in Mashable.

iMedia Brand Summit 2010 Closing Keynote Talk.

The brand marketers who attended iMedia¬† 2010 were kind enough to vote this the best presentation of the summit. Where I ran videos in the actual presentation you will find pages with the links to the relevant videos on YouTube and, if Steve J hasn’t changed his mind and taken down the iPhone OS 4 / iAd streaming presentation, at Apple.

My thanks once again to:

Ken Mandel of Yahoo and Agatha Yap of McDonalds who recommended me to Ad Tech / iMedia ; Joe at ComScore who provided data; Tom and Jerry (seriously)of MobileNow, the iPhone, iPad & Android app developers in Shanghai for data, insights and magic; Benjamin and Christoph of Wildfire Asia WOM in Singapore and Shanghai for insights, POV and reference leads; Eddie Chau of Brandtology for the topical case study, other great charts and your vision; Josh Sklar of Heresy in Austin, Texas for your insights, the reference links and 15 years of partnership in digital.

It’s all about the Social Graph in action and you guys helped prove it through your excellent input. Again, Thank you all.

There’s a lot happening out there!

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